ORYZONTE is a multi-stakeholder project whose main objective is to enhance the sustainability of rice production in Seville (Andalusia, Southern Spain). The project, kicked-off in 2018, aims this way to further develop the potential of Andalusia to become a leader in sustainable rice cultivation.

The project focuses on the following key areas:


Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Good Agricultural Practices

Project Expected Results and Outcomes

The project aims to implement changes in agricultural practices in over 15,000 ha. This includes:

Implementation of Good Agricultural Practices in nutrient & chemical use and fostered the use of sustainability standards.

Development of recommendations for policy makers: Agri-Environmental Measures for the Common Agricultural Policy post-2020.

Implementation of enhanced cultivation & post-harvest practices to optimise water use by 22,5% and reduce GHG emissions by 42%.

Maintain and enhance the positive impact of rice farming on biodiversity, particularly through the provision of habitat and feed for birds.

Project Members

The project has been promoted and is funded by the following companies:

Project Management Team

The project is co-managed by the following team, in charge of the project technical and management tasks:

Sébastien Guéry

Optimizacion de Riegos y Agronomia, S.L.U. (OPTIRIEGO)

Agricultural engineer with over 15 years of experience in water use efficiency for agriculture in Spain, France, Middle East and North Africa. Expert in control and monitoring of irrigation systems.

Manuel Beltrán Miralles

Gabinete de Iniciativas Europeas, S.A. (GIESA)

Agricultural engineer with over 13 years of experience in sustainable agriculture projects for private companies, the European Commission and United Nations, among others. Expert in project management and in R&D and innovation for the agricultural and agri-food sectors.