1910, 2022

Oryzonte project demonstrates that greenhouse gas emissions from rice paddies in Seville can be reduced by 60%

October 19, 2022|News|

Kicked-off in 2018, the project promoted by Mars Food and Herba Ricemills in collaboration with Danone aims to improve the sustainability of rice cultivation in Seville, the largest rice cultivating area in Spain. • The project focuses on three key areas: water, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and Biodiversity. Madrid, 19th October 2022. The ORYZONTE project, which promotes sustainable practices in

2705, 2019

The Oryzonte project: achievements in 2018

May 27, 2019|News|

The Oryzonte project, whose name comes from the scientific name for rice (Oryza sativa), was born from the commitment of the companies Mars Food (Uncle Bens®), Herba Ricemills (Grupo Ebro) and Danone. The project kicked off in spring 2018 aiming to improve the sustainability of rice cultivation in Seville (Andalusia, Southern Spain). Since then, the project has developed, tested and

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